Home Inspections and MN state licensed Radon Testing

Home Inspection Services in the greater 7 county metro area Midland is MN licensed to preform radon testing

Home inspections are crucial for any homeowners considering selling  or purchasing a house. Investing in a home is perhaps one of the largest  investments you could ever make in your life; make it a safe one by  scheduling a professional Home inspection appointment from Midland. Get all the details on a prospective house  so that hidden problems do not lighten your wallet. With the bigger  picture in mind you will be able to make the best choice in deciding for  a home, a decision which could affect your life for years and decades  to come.
Midland Home inspections Woodbury, MN will  do an excellent job in reaching all your expectations, assuring you  safety and happiness in any home you might wish to buy.

Every new  home buyer needs a home inspection, whether only to determine the safety  of your home or analyze the condition of it if you plan to sell it in  the future.
Our professional home inspection process  will provide you with the best recommendations and descriptions before  you buy a house.
One way to get the best help is to plan  before the appointment & prepare what you want to know so that our  inspectors can make a proper assessment and deliver the best quality  service. Look at our  Pre-Home Inspection checklist here to see what we can help you with.

If you would like to view a list of areas we cover visit the Home Inspection service page to view complete comprehensive visual examination checklist. 

Both the exterior and the interior of the  house will be closely examined. Inspectors will look at the trim of the  house, as well as the outdoor life at the house, such as any gardens,  the yard as a whole, and any other accessories. This includes driveways  and the exterior condition of the windows.
When it comes to the interior inspectors  will determine the value and safety of the floors, walls, ceilings,  doors, and interior windows and will document any signs of leaking water  or pipe issues. The interior examination will also include fireplaces  upon request. 

The heating and air conditioning systems can  also play an important role in the value of a house, so inspectors will  assess the quality of air and heat circulation throughout the house.  They will also note the age of the temperature conditioning systems,  which goes hand-in-hand with the quality in assessing the overall value.  Inspectors will actively turn the heat and air conditioning to best  determine the quality of the system. 

In terms of the structure, the insulation of a  home can be a crucial factor; because of this, inspectors examine the  attic and basement (if the home has one), as well as any main floors.  Once the type of insulation is determined a close look will also be  given to the ventilation systems. These include those used in the  kitchen area, any bathrooms, and those for the washing and drying  machines. The functionality of all kitchen appliances (refrigerator,  freezer, dishwasher) will all be surveyed as well.

Efficient electrical systems are a must-have  in a household, so inspectors will review the circuitry and distribution  panels. Throughout the home the effects of electrical polarity and  receptacles will be tested, as well as the household’s ground fault  circuit interrupters. A special attention will be directed at the  plumbing systems to assure proper operations. Inspectors will examine  and record the map of pipes within the interior of the home, as well as  the piping materials and sink faucets. The ability for hot water to  reach the faucets will also be tested, linking this particular  inspection back to the heating systems.

We will take a special look at the  infrastructure of the roof and the gutter system of the household.  Perhaps the most important information the we can give you about the  roof is when it will need to be replaced in the future, an important  factor in purchasing or selling a home.

Even though the home you have chosen may seem  to be the perfect fit, you cannot be sure there aren't potentially  serious unknown defects which can make your investment in your future a  costly one. That's is why having your new home inspected by our  professional home inspectors as early as possible in the buying process  can save you thousands of dollars on items which you may be able to have  the seller or builder correct.